After-school activities??

Question:OK< me and my friend want to start an afterschool activity. We go to a public school, so what are some possible ideas that we can do????

Join some clubs or volunteer somewhere, like the library or an animal shelter. If you're old enough, you can take on a part-time job. Always make sure you have enough time for schoolwork, though.
Organized kickball is always awesome. Or you could get some people together to go volunteer at a local soup kitchen.
go to gym, libraries, have homework hour, and lots of games. also include different contests.
like a voulunteer club at my school it's called key club and basically it meets once a week and people signup for certain events to help out at like; special olympics, senior bingo, and events throughout the school district that need help.

you could also do a club agianst alcohol and drugs and you would go around posting posters around your school agianst it and talking to elementary school kids about why it's bad. Like doing puppet shows for the younger kids and talking with the older kids.

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