Can ICT help the education system provide more effectively to the diverse learning needs of the individual?

Question:learners and the needs of their communities

As a primary school teacher (elementary) and ICT specialist, I have to say yes! Of course, ICT is not everything and not for everyone, so it is essential that ICT is part of a holistic curriculum that INCLUDES basics such as spelling, handwriting, grammar and numeracy.

ICTs are very visual mediums. Many special needs students or student on negotiated education plans can find the visual approach to learning a much easier medium to work with.

ICTs are very forgiving. Students who lack confidence in writing and other work often find Computers and technologies easier to work with as they can edit and change their work much more easily. Also they are able to present information with much more ease.

Many of us are visual learners, not just those with learning needs. ICTS are a great platform to work with. They also are highly motivational as a rule, and I have found many students are "switched back on" to learning when it is presented electronically.

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