Can someone be my tutor for 8th grade?

Question:im me at : SilentMidniightX
and..yes, please school will start VERY SOON

You will find good online teachers at
You can contact them directly from there.
Rof, ask your school councellor for a tutor. A lot of schools have students who are a yr or 2 or 3 older who have a 'buddy system" for tutoring. The internet is not a place to find a tutor. Good Luck and GOD Bless!!!
I agree with eldoradodave. Check with your school about tutoring programs. You will benefit more from working with someone who can work directly with you. Also, if you go through the school, they will know you are trying to improve yourself, and they can guide you into a safe and constructive situation.
I admire your proactive efforts in finding help and guidance academically. KUDOS! As an educator it is refreshing to see a student who is an active participant in their educational success!

The best resources you have are those that are made available to you in your area. Most schools offer tutoring programs. I f your school does not provide any such program I would suggest speaking to your teacher of teachers about your desire for additional help and guidance.
Peer tutors are EXCELLENT also.

Do not be intimidated by your teachers or classmates; if you sincerely want additioanl help and tutoring ask for it! I wish I could help more. Good Luck to you!

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