Are you a teacher? I want to be one, can you give me advice please?(elem)?

Question:I want to be an elementary school teacher.I was going to do my concentration on spanish but decided against it because I was having trouble. So now i cant decide, theres:
creative writing

I narrowed it down. what do you think would be more useful to me when trying to find a job?

there are two ways to answer your question:

more useful:
hard to answer, since i am still a student (thinking about teaching -- just like you!). i would go with art since there are way more english and math teachers than art teachers.

however -- whatever you do, if you do not have a passion for art -- do NOT teach it. the last thing we need in our classrooms are boring teachers.
Personally speaking, I choose creative writing. If you really like math, go for that, but only if you and math get along! Math and I DO NOT get along at all unfortunately. Schools are looking for math and English teachers. That's why I choose English. I have my degree. My problem is still math. I need to pass a certain test in order to start credentialing program. The math is killing me! I'm an English major. I have no use for math!
***please note.math people will say the exact opposite!!

have fun!
If you want to teach at an elementary standard, both maths and English are important, and you will have to teach both. Although I taught maths, I would not disagree with cre8ivwriter at all. I think it more important that children are able to communicate effectively via both the spoken and written word, and in correct grammatical English than be able to do maths. So, as I said in my other answer to you, concentrate on teaching correct grammatical English first.

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