Applying to Cambridge Celta teachers training course ?

Question:As anyone ever written to cambridge celta for teachers training that has been accepted ? if so what kind of letter did you write and how long was it.

Writing to them would not be the usual route. Try all your local colleges, as this is where you will find all the information. I did mine at Uxbridge College, as I am in West London, but most FE colleges run CELTA courses. You could also try, as they usually list all providers there. I am doing my CELTA 2 at West Thames College, which is in Hounslow, but I know there are courses in Hammersmith and West London College, as well as Uxbridge. It is a fantastic course-I would recommend it. The CELTA 2 is much tougher but CELTA is a great starting point. Good luck. You could also try the Cambridge website.

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