Do you like to have good relationships with your teachers?

Yes, I like to have good relationships with my teacher. =)
It's much easier to talk to them. Right now, I'm in middle school, 8th grade, and I really like all of my teachers execpt my 6th period teacher because she doesn't talk/smile much. She doesn't even have a good sense of humor. >.> Anyways, I just hope that I could do all of the work she makes us do to please her.
no cuz its funner to piss them off... but then they fail you .. who decides :O gasp
i dont really mind, but i like them to be nice to me i guess, lol

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in college, it's a priority's probably the best thing. I tend to get along well with all my teachers, which is not only fun, but a great opportunity since the teachers respect you more...and there are always some special benefits ;) (i.e. recommendation letters for jobs or university)
Yes, if you have a bad relationship with your teachers you will have an uncomfortable time in the classroom and it can make learning very difficult. If you have a good relationship, then you will have more fun and you will be able to discuss your questions and concerns.
if the teacher is nice then we Will get along if not then no i usually dont like having good relationships with my teachers it is kinda weird
How can one not befriend one's teacher? There must be no teacher-student barrier because it difficults the teaching-learning process. Without it, students learn that what they're learning is for their own good because it comes from someone who cares for them. Teachers benefit from it too because they are willing to learn from their students, and become better teachers. So it's a win-win situation!
"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher."
--Japanese proverb

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