Can you be an English teacher in U.S if you are from Europe?

Question:I have a Bachelor Degree, major in English language from Europe.
Is it possible to be an English teacher here in U.S if you are from Europe?( for eg. Middle School teacher)
I read that you need a teaching certificate in order to teach here in U.S.
How much time it takes to get the teaching certificate? and which are the steps towards it?
How are the students in middle school or elementary school? Are they disobedient?
Sorry for too many questions, but I know nothing about the educational system from U.S.
I would highly appreciate your suggestions in this matter.
Thank you in advance!

You will need to talk to a university in the state where you want to teach.

They will take a look at your transcript and tell you which classes you still need to take. You'll most likely need to take some educational psychology and teaching methods courses, as well as complete a semester of student teaching (practice teaching, without pay). This might take you a year or more, depending on how many classes you need to take.

Students in the US, in general, are a lot more disobedient in school, than in Europe. This is coming from my experiences in Germany. It doesn't mean you shouldn't do it, or can't handle it. But I can tell you that it's a stressful job. I have many colleagues here and in Germany who are teachers, and our jobs are very, very different.
Well I can answer part of that. It depends on whether you want to be a challenging teacher teaching harder English or simple. Middle school students are brutal, and elementary school students are pretty much annoying a lot of the time. High school students are if you wish to be challenged, but students there aren't very obedient either. It's up to you to make the decision.
There is a shortage of good English teachers right now. Go to the local school board where you live and ask them what is required. Each state has different requirements. There are also ways that people without certificates can teach while working on them. Again, ask about it. Good luck.

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