Anyone else think that it is not appropriate for an unmarried teacher to live with a boyfriend and teach kids?

Question:I think it is not appropriate.

What do you think?

Several years ago, when my son was in 1st grade, I asked him to tell me about his teacher after the first day of school. He told me her name was Ms. ____. I said Miss or Mrs. - he said Ms.
"Mom, she's in a relationship - they live together." very matter of fact. Now, I thought was way too much information for my 7 year old - What she does in her personal life is her business - but please don't share the details with my kids.
It was definitely a value teaching moment for us.
I raise my kids according to the values I believe are important - obviously there are lots of people in the world with differing values - but I didn't appreciate her sharing that with my child so soon in his young life and unsolicited.
That she teaching class in her home when the boyfriend is there? Or are you the type of person that thinks all immoral people love to try and convert little children to live their kind of lifestyle. I really hope this isn't a serious question...if so, you shouldn't be positing questions, but should be seeking proffesional help.
NO!!! That is a silly question. So you are saying that a 40 year old divorced teacher ALSO shouldn't teach?? Go home school your kids you control freak
I don't think there's anything wrong with it, unless her boyfriend is one of her students
I don't think that it's anyone's business what the teacher does as long as it is legal.

I mean, living with her boyfriend isn't going the change the way she teaches.
Who's business is it of yours anyways. Is she your daughter. Probably not. This teacher is a human being and should be allowed to shack up with anyone she sees fit to live with.
I think if it is right for them, then it is right for them. Others can not determine what personal situations should be in. Their committment to each other could be stronger than any person who has a legal marriage.
Why do you think it is inappropriate?

Her personal life has no effect on her ability to teach!

Lots of single women teach. It is not inappropriate.
To answer a queston with a question: What difference does it make to the children being taught by her? It is always inappropriate, but we can't put our morality on others, unless there is real harm being done.
butt out and mind your own business!
this is the 21st century
people do live together
how does that affect the teacher's ability to teach?
not expecting this to be popular but i answer frankly not just looking for points
I think what a teacher does in her own home is none of your business.
Religious-wise, I agree with you. But if both are single/unmarried, I guess their living in together is marriage in itself sans the formalities.
what are we in the 1900s?
what difference does her personal life make on her (or his) ability to teach? Maybe she just doesn't want to get married, that is part of her personal choice and preference.
I don't mean to be rude... but the assumption that she is somehow immoral or unqualified is superficially judge mental. Maybe if you had more then that as an issue I would understand... until then I think you are just too old fashioned and need to get over the small stuff.

some might argue that African Americans or homosexuals shouldn't be teaching kids
or that women should only wear dresses and work at home
these are all examples of intolerance...
please try and be more understanding that you cant force your own ethics and beliefs on other people
I wouldn't feel it was appropriate for me, but I understand that most people would feel perfectly comfortable with it. I can't judge another person for not believing the same way I do. I can have an opinion regarding it, but each person has to answer for themselves. Is this person a good teacher? Does she respect and behave responsibly around her students? That is what is appropriate. If her private life crossed over into her professional life I might feel differently. But most of us have something in our lives that everyone wouldn't approve of. What I think is that I should be true to what I believe, but not judge others for what they believe. In the end--God will be the Judge..(but that's what I believe...)
The unmarried teacher's private life is no ones business unless she's doing something illegal. People living together without being married is part of the real world. Your children will need to learn about this sooner or later.
That might be a problem if she has a morals clause in her contract; otherwises I would judge her based on her clasroom performance. You may not agree with her lifestyle choices, but it is YOUR job as a parent to teach your child morals, not hers.
Get out of the stone ages. Last time I checked, we don't live on the prairie. Since when is a teacher's marital status of issue? So if the teacher was gay should they not be a teacher? What if it was a white woman married to a black man? Or vise versa?

A good teacher is a good teacher regardless of his/her personal life (as long as it's not a legal issue - like drugs or criminal activity). If you disagree with the teachers morals -- then you teach them to your child.

I would be more concerned about a teacher having your discriminatory opinion.
I think it's inappropriate for her to tell students. Teachers are in very weird positions, they are expected to be role models of what we want our communities to be, but they're not at all paid in a way to actually live those models.

If I was an engineer, I could drink most nights, have a couple girl friends, and maybe even go to the dirty movie store now and again without too much notice. As a teacher, I'm paid half as much but not really allowed to do any of it... in the open. Fortunately, because I'm willing to be a teacher, and I'm good at it, I can do all these things with discretion. I'm not paid enough to live your ideal for society, but I'm paid just enough to pretend to your children I do. ... at least that's how I see it.
Are we back in the 1800's again??? What people do on their own time is their business.
I see your troll questions.
You need to be very careful before heading down this road. Where would it end? People could begin to argue that people should not be allowed to teach unless they are a certain religion, ethnicity, gender etc.

If the teacher is not throwing it in the faces of the students in an inappropriate manner and if it is not affecting their teaching than I think you are over reacting to the situation.

You can always express to your children that you do disagree with that choice, but it does not make the teacher a bad person.

Remember that children might only listen half the time but they are always watching what we do and how we treat others.
There are two differences here. My opinion and what is allowed. I personally do not believe that people should live together. I believe this for religious reasons.The second question is whether I think that this affects the way someone teaches. I don't think that it does. I don' hink that the students would ever even know unless the teacher says, "My boyfriend that I live with is coming o visit me here at school."
Go work on your catfish recipes.
Whatever the teacher does in her personal life is just that-personal! Who he/she dates, lives with, etc is none of your business. As long as he/she teaches your children the curriculum and treats them with respect you need to mind your own beeswax! Get a life!

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