A hs student just finding out hes is a genius?

Don't know what the question is, but all I can say is "thank goodness"!

Thank goodness his parents didn't praise him to the heavens constantly when he was a small child. Now that he has figured it out on his own, or whatever, he may actually use his brains to help out the world. He won't have all those hang-ups about being better than others, nor will he feel paralyzed by his brilliance and afraid to make mistakes which will reveal that he isn't really a genius.\

HOpe he goes on to do great things for the world. So few of us humans get those sorts of brains, and "to whom much is given, much is expected.
If he really has intelligence he will know exactly what he does not have- overall knowledge.
Your question is incomplete. How he find this out? We'll there is always more to learn. You can be a genius but you wont stay one unless you keep learning. Please emphasis what made him think he is a genius?

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