Do teachers hate quiet people?

Question:I am quiet in class bc i am to busy taking notes (if i dont write down everything the teacher says than i forget it) so all the teachers just think i am not putting in the effort bc i dont talk in class

i dont talk to my neighbors or goof off or anything i just sit there and take notes! When i get my progress report all the teachers always say oh she is so quiet she never participates and that means she just doesnt care

but i do care and i am trying to do well!

why are teachers do mean? dont the realize that when they say i dont try it really hurts me? I try harder than most of the kids in my class, but my teachers like those kids better beacuse the get better grades. Do you know why the get better grades? they cheat! i dont cheat i take notes and i study and i do the best i possibly can but still teachers always say that i dont try!

why? do they hate me??

You need to quit whining. You don't need to write everything down. When you get in college you will have to join in class discussions or you might not learn. So, put down your pencil and participate in the class discussion.
I seriously doubt any teacher wrote"that means she just doesn't care" I think you are just feeling sorry for yourself because you are not meeting the potential your teachers know you have.
forget about those teachers get your education and show them that you are serious
The teachers don't hate you - they just don't notice you. Make it a point to participate more in class and you will get noticed. You will see a difference in the grade you get. As part of most classes, participation is worth a percentage of your grade.
I doubt it is because they hate you, so cheer up! Teachers are people too, and they will like some students more than others at times. However, that should not interfere with their grading and assessments. My advice to you is to find a time to meet with the teacher on an individual level and talk it out. Be respectful and try to set a positive tone. You may very well be trying in class, but still not studying in the most effective way. The teacher can possibly show you a new way to learn the same material. Don't give up or get frustrated!
I have the same problem!!
Only talk when it's required, such as a teacher throwing up a question that's directed to you. you don't have to say a word unless you have to. Taking notes is one thing but is it effective to you? I never fancied teachers who say participation is everything. Also, the point of school is just to train you to fit in the job world. Your gonna forget all about this worrying about what the teachers think of you.
there's my 2 cents! cheers!!
They probably don't hate you, unless you're a huge distraction in their class. Deal with it, teachers have favorites. No matter what they say, they always find their "pet." Just ignore what the teachers think and continue with your notes! Once in a while raise your hand to ask a question or comment, you still have your participation points in class!
omg i m like dat 2!!! doesn't it seem like they h8 u??? wat i do is afterschool or b4 skool starts, i talk 2 them then.
It's not that I hate my students who keep quite, it's just the fact that I get a better concept on student's progress if they are out-spoken. When I lecture, I encourage my students to interact. If I say something they disagree on, I encourage them to debate with me. I have found my teaching techniques have worked with a 100% SOL (Standards of Learning, Virginia) passing rate.
It's ok of you act like that. To make the teacher 'know' that you 'exist' in his class, make him a question at the end about something you hadn't unserstood. At least in the following lesson, he will know you are there, he will take a look at what you do and see you are a nice student. I remember once I had a student like you and it took me 3 months to be aware that he was in my class!!! So try to make him know you are there!
I am sure your teachers don't hate you, they just would like to see you participate more. Taking good notes is very important, I'm sure while your classmates are struggling with their homework you have a much easier time. However, i think participating in class (asking questions, giving your opinion) is very very important, and i understand why your teachers would like you to speak up. I'm not sure how old you are, but in high school, class participation actually contributes to your grade. By asking questions it shows that you are not just copying everything the teacher says, but you are thinking about it and are curious. Giving your opinion not only shows you are thinking about it, it shows you care and show interest in their teachings. Don't goof off, I'm sure they won't like that. But raise your hand once or twice during the class and I'm sure they will be more pleased to see class participation.

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