Do you believe kids should be caned at school ?

for real.

Depending on what they've done.

I can't think of many circumstances where it would be necassary at school though.
no any punishment should be done by the parent,s
I would think that if it were legal . It would end School Shootings. and lack of respect for authority.
No. That form of discipline is inappropriate in a school. Frankly, I'd like to know where it IS appropriate.
In bringing up children?
Try and knock and ask "Nicholas Nickleby."
Look in the real world.
When we don't give them the stripes.
In time who get kick on the butt with their own creation?
Cattle prods work better.

Some people seem to be incapable of realizing that they are being spoken to, or that the speaker really means what he says, unless some form of physical violence is also used.
Ask any policeman or prison guard.

I think there are a few such people here on YA.
I think the school system has been getting out of hand since Columbine. Schools now-a-days have their own little pretend government and court system. I, along with many kids, were let down by their high schools due to an unwillingness or in-ability to truly invest into today's youth. In my opinion if it is true to say that pot is a gate way drug to harder drugs, than high school is a gateway to prison. Especially with these zero tolerance laws, more kids are instantly expelled over nail clippers or stupidly made comments than for selling drugs. Expelling an under-developed and under-educated teenager into day's society is a death sentence for that child plain and simple. I do agree that police and law enforcement should be taking steps to end school violence from the outside-in, but it should be the school that works the hardest from the inside-out. "If something you are doing is not working and progressively getting worse, stop change and try again."
Certainly. It generates fear, and fear is respect, of which there is a distinct lack. I would add it would have to be done only by the headteacher, and only for serious transgressions, otherwise it loses its deterrent value.
no. All of your questions better be joke (and if they are there not funny) seriously there really innapropriate and sexist and abusive and stupid. please stop.
i is saying yes so our fellow young homiez can say they've earned the right to wear a hoodie rather than robbed it from asda drew on it a bit and gone to tesco for a two stripe baseball bat so they can give themselfs a beating to make up for the one they is not getting
I don't think caning is appropriate- it was traditionally done with the student alone in the "master's" study. This opens up too many doors to abuse and the method it is usually done in evokes long-term feelings of shame- leaning over the arm of a chair or holding onto your ankles are both incredibly submissive poses, to be forced into such a thing is just asking for mental problems later in life.

However, and I understand that this will probably be seen as an archaic response, I do feel that corporal punishment, in moderation and when controlled, can be more effective than other deterrants- I know that when I was in school I often thought I would prefer a quick rap over the knuckles with a ruler to 2 hours of detention- that was a waste of my time (we were never set work) and the time of the teacher who had to watch over us.

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