Any suggestions for teaching english to chinese children?

Question:anything would be very helpful- games, stories, websites, and general advice!

As with other Asian students, it seems at times that the Chinese want you to just open up their heads and pour the knowledge in. It can be quite frustrating when the students are not prepared to make the effort to learn by themselves too.
If you have access to it, try the Oxford Uni. Press series Streamline. There are three levels, beginner to intermediate. It is unbelievably suitable for Asian students and their unique learning pattern.
i think if you show them pictures they'll learn faster and they'' build more interest in learning english...

cause children likes colorful stuff... pictures.
Just teach them in one new universal language and one speech in living words.
Don't download them with ghostly stories in ghostly kitchen's dialect in ghostly and deadly words from the graveyards of different ghostly ancestor's custom and culture
which has got nothing to do with living human kind.
When they were not dead.
Luke 9.55-56

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