Do teachers have any say in what courses they are willing and able to teach or does the Principal dictate this

Question:please relate to schools in Ontario Canada (e.g. let's say a teacher is qualified to teach Math as their second teaching subject, but is uncomfortable with teaching Calculus and does not feel he/she is the best candidate for teaching Calculus courses - does this person have any say in such a situation, or can he/she be forced to teach it because of the Math qualification? )

Teachers may have their say, but the decision is based on your certification, then placement by the principal. Your choice is to accept the position or look for another.
I have been a school principal in Canada. In my experience, the principal decides who teaches what, based upon school needs and qualifications of the teachers. You can certainly talk to the principal about it, and indicate your preference, but if the principal believes you are the best person to teach calculus, you may not have any choice. It is often difficult to get qualified math teachers. You other option is to direct this question to your teacher's union representative. He or she should know the answer more definitively. Best of luck.

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