Do people still give an apple to the teacher? If not,what do they give them?

I taught elementary school for a dozen years and only received a couple of apples. Some of the things students gave me were: key chains, pictures they drew, coffee mugs, stickers, hugs, books, and other miscellaneous gifts.
i dont think students still give apples to their teachers. what students give teachers now are... *hem hem* ...headaches. ^_^'
Well... on the third day of school one of my first graders brought me a frog that he caught in his front yard. Does that count?
Some of my students bring gifts from time to time. Some are quite nice and I even get cookies and treats now and then.
LOL my students just give me a lot of grief and vebal abuse...I teach in the inner city though.
In my 12th year of teaching, one of my 3rd grade students brought an apple in for me. I was extremely touched by this, especially because he was student from a very tough home.

Apples continue to be a gift theme, but I tend to get a lot more Dunkin Donuts or bookstore gift cards these days (both of which are put to good use!). I have to say though, some of my favorite gifts have been letters and cards from my students that I have been able to keep over the years.

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