Art class for 2nd graders?

Question:I am a second grade teacher and one of the subject that I teach is art. Do you have any good projects or ideas that I can do with them? Art class is about 30-45 min. per week. Thanks so much!

There are a bunch of great ideas here...

Also, there is a book called Discovering Great Artists that combines art history (at an elementary to intermediate level) and art methods. My son, who feels pretty helpless in art, really likes working out of this book. You can find it here:
There are also some other good art books suggested on this page.

Hope that helps!
i am curious as to why you do not have an art teacher? are some of the projects I teach to my 2nd grade classes
everyday pattern-a scene from everyday that includes a pattern-drawing with crayon
shadow puppets-3D with tag board (poster board)
secondary color flower pots-drawing with oil pastels
line mess-painting with string
storytellers-3D with model magic
playgrounds-3D with paper (paper folding techniques)
geometric monsters-paper cutting with geometric shapes-arrange into a monster
hope those few can get you started
(wipes away tears). Second of all wear clothes that you don't like. Third of all, whatever you do DON'T GIVE THEM PAINT, OR MARKERS!! I would suggest a class portrait. Give a big piece of paper to each student. Have them write thier names at the top. then have them draw a small picture of them selves then pass it around the class so each student draws on each paper. I gauruntee the kids will love it!

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