Can I have a list of all music dynamics and tempo words?

There are a bunch...the obvious place to get them all would the Groves Dictionary. The common ones for dynamics are P for soft,means piano..PP means softer..pianissimo , PPP ,very soft...pianississimo..etc for degree of dynamic,,,the other way is MF,mezzoforte...medium loud...F ..forte ..loud,,, FF, louder..fortissimo... FFF..very loud etc. Some others ..sfz.s'vortzando(sp?)..hit it loud and get off and bring to back up...subito...suddenly,,, poco a poco a little by little,,,Tempo phrases include... andante-slow,,,adagio-slower,,... allegretto faster.these are the ones that come to mind right off the top... But again check out the groves dictionary or ask your music teacher.Hoped this helped you more , a singing style

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