Can English be learnt or taught without getting into the technicalities of grammar?

You need to have some degree of grammar understanding to make it all work right; or you will make unnecessary mistakes while writing and speaking
Yes but it looks like wearing dhthi without undergarment...your "capacity: will be exposed.
Without grammar English is crippled!!!!
How can you overlook grammar???
Take a good look at these postings on and you'll get your "answer."

(for example, the misspelling in the above answer - aah, she corrected it!)

I know people like that

one of those is me =/
Yes, but if you try and talk to native-english speakers, they'll think you're just dumb, because your grammar is all wrong.
The short answer is yes, English can be taught or learned without grammar.

The longer and more accurate answer is yes, but it won't be very good English. Many many many immigrants come to the States and learn enough English to be able to read and get around. But ask them to write a good business letter or three-page paper on a topic, and they can't. Does this make them stupid? Heck no. It makes their lack of English grammar obvious.

Most language classes center around conversational language skills. This includes English. People who take these classes do very well. But, I've spoken English nearly all my life, read over 100 books a year and will be teaching English to high school students next year; but I took one grammar class and my language skills dramatically improved. So while learning English can be done through a great deal of reading and listening and conversing, to perfect it (like any language foreign to a person) you need the grammar skills.
Yes Dear,
In Goa, the local illiterate vender's speak English well, even better than a Desi English PG holder. But in reality it is only a tongue twist- a play with words and experience.
On one side for the normal chit chat the language is some what OK. but when it goes to the deeper level they have no base.
In case of a person studying the language based on grammar, it is the construction of the base structure. The gaps in this structure will be filled with the vocabularies and special usages gained through reading and experience.
Thus forming a solid structure

by Rajith
Sort of. You can learn just the basics of grammar and be just fine. Getting into the finer points and terminology can probably be put off. Just think about it, the typical American learns English through college, so college-level English would not be as important to knowing how to speak, read, and write unless you need to do so at the college academic level. How many people really still remember what a dangling participle or a split infinitive is and that these are not proper English?
I think, no

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