Do most parents buy everything on the classroom "wish list"?

Question:Last year I bought everything on the list because it was my first year with a wish list. My friend told me we are only supposed to pick a few items. What are the teacher's expectations?

If your parents are wealthy, they shoud do their part.

Did You Know?

Only 2.8% of dollars spent on education go toward classroom supplies.
The average teacher spends $400-$500 of their own funds each year to purchase classroom supplies.
100% of every dollar donated to Classroom Wishlist for classroom supplies is used to deliver goods into the classroom.
Donations to Classroom Wishlist are tax deductible.

How It Works ...

Teachers select items they need for their classroom from an online catalog, creating a classroom wishlist.
Parents, grandparents, companies and benefactors browse the wishlists, select the items they would like to see provided to the classroom, and make a donation to Classroom Wishlist.
Classroom Wishlist purchases the selected items and delivers them to the classroom.

Classroom Wishlist Supply Kit Program
At our school the parents are expected to supply their child with what is on the list. Some parents don't get everything, but most parents do. Personally I think the lists have gotten ridiculous! My daughter does not need thirty-six pencil to start school! I know they are put into a basket for classroom use, but half of the time a kid get in trouble if he forgets his pencil. Good grief, if he forgets his pencil, he should have thirty-five more available to him/her.
OOPS sorry about the soap box.
Yes most schools, that I know of, expect the parent to purchase everything on the list, unless the list itself states otherewise.

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