'A' level results.?

Question:I am so happy to see that our extraordinarily hard working and bright children have again broken the previous years record high passes . And further more virtually no-one has failed. Do you, like me believe this is down to hard work and improved teaching techniques, or do you believe, like some of the more cynical among us, that todays exams are so piss easy that they are almost worthless and anyone who is as bright as a tramps boot could get straight 'A'.?
Would the person who failed like to comment?

Well done to all those who studied hard for their grades.

Unfortunately the exams are being dumbed down. Get hold of a few A level papers from 20 years ago and have a look at them. You will be bamboozled. Sorry to be cynical but at the end of the day people are continually getting top grades due to easier exams.

To be brutal the exam boards can maintain standards by applying a Bell curve to the results, that way the real top 10% achieve A grades and everyone fits in where they should. This will give a true reflection for universities to use and an idea of those at the top of the tree.
Actually, it is up to the grown ups care and to our own hard work. For me, i couldn't help feeling that once you work hard enough, you would never need to worry.
I would agree that it is down to hard work. A-Levels have been around for some time and over this time teachers have gained experience in teaching the subject and have a real grasp of the subject and what is required of the student.

Throughout my A-levels my teachers would always give us the bare essentials to pass any exam and some background information as well as things to study in our own time. They almost handed us our 'A' on a plate but on results day it showed! Looking back those that really paid attention in lessons, made endless notes and read around any subject as well as the core parts managed the good grades. They understood every detail of the subject and could link in other parts, name alternate sources, books, even long quotes etc... in their exams.

I didn't realise then, but the teachers always helped them and gave them the extra information if they wanted it. I achieved B to A*'s in GCSE, but (in my opinion) scraped through A-Levels with 3 C's. A-levels were harder than I thought, I became complacent over the two years which was a pretty bad!
it is down to hard work. if you looked on the AQA website in any subject at the past exam papers, the questions are similar. they are often just reworded slightly. so if the questions are similar then how are they getting easier.
i blame the media as they always focus on the negative. if everyone failed then we wouldn't have studied and we would be all lazy no good teenagers who didn't want to work for anything. But because we are actually working hard for something and being successful its being brought down by cynical a**es who haven't even tried these exams and don't know what they're talking about.
a-levels are harder than gcse's, and when i was asking my mum to help me with my homework and show me how to do things before my exams she would look at me funny (the person who's entire job revolves around maths) and says "i can't help, we never did any of that stuff when i was at school." also, a friend of mine who was doing the higher tier maths was doing her revision downstairs, her mum's friend who is a did a degree in maths, said that he would help, looked at what she was doing and said "what the hell are you doing that for? i didn't have to learn that until i did a my degree!"

so if you think they are so easy, then i think that you should sit them this time round and then come back on and tell us (truthfully) what you got.
i do not think the exams are easy at all, i hated them. i revised so hard for my maths A-level and came out of it thinkin it was just so hard and that i had failed but i actually got an A out of it, but no way was it easy, i would love to see anyone who calls them easy to sit them and see for themselves
Exams are made easier to improve scores, but as focus is added to exams, teachers teach more and more to the exams. When teachers focus on teaching exams instead of real material, student's do less well because they fail to understand core concepts, in turn causing exams to be made easier.

its a constant cycle

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