Approaches in teaching and learning english in college?

Keep it basic, but interesting. College is great for students who want to learn, but unfortunately for most, English is not a subject most students get excited about. Finding what engages each student is critical to teaching English, and to teaching in general.

Some students may not have the same level of English experience as others, depending on where they went to school before college, or the home environment they were raised in. This makes a refresher period at the beginning of the semester important to make sure everyone can begin at or near the same level.

If the course is primarily reading based, picking books that aren't considered "classics" and incorporating modern novels is a good way to engage students. Also, using literature that students can relate to is also good. (Think about what it was like when you were in college, and what was important to you) Books with in-depth character relationships are not only common subject matter for college students, but also good for group discussion because it gives everyone a chance to contribute and have a feeling about the characters. Love or hate, both are better than apathy.

If you're looking to learn English in college, look at the suggested reading material, and wade through most of it before classes start. This way, you can hammer out most of what you won't like, and the literature you do like will give you the ability to contribute to any class discussions your professor may have.

For non-literature classes, basic grammar skills, spelling, and correct punctuation are essential to any college English class. Teachers will, and should, give their students the tools to succeed later in life. Even without a spell checker!

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