Teaching out of the country?

In a few years I will be qualified to teach within primary schools surrounded by England.
I was chitchat to a fellow student, who has plans to move out of the country once he has his recommendation, and earn up to lb60,000 - rather than the average lb22,000 contained by the UK.
I was wondering if any of you here enjoy done this?
What was the experience similar to? Was the money really that good? Which country did you step to? And do you need supplementary languages, as I can individual speak a little French?
Thanks! I shall choose a best answer also.

Answers:    you nouns very unrealistic but are asking the right questions--
there is a bazaar, but most teachers are free-lancers.that scheme they work long and hard but catch paid little. those big-money job are few and far between and are mostly acquired through connections or I don`t know even by being contained by the right place at the right time.
research your target market, cram its culture, language, and anything else around it that you can.(are my goals -60 000 - credible? who is going to pay you such a soaring hourly wage? they will reason similar to that to save money)
prepare yourself ably..start amassing now the firepower you will need surrounded by the future.books AND fluency
you will have to focus more on the other rewards of coaching rather than the financial aspects

well brought-up luck

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