Do teachers should not demandmore homework to students?

After trying to interpret your question, I think maybe your teachers haven't given you enough homework.
Yes. Teachers should give only that much work the student will be capable to do. Giving over work will create less interest to the students and will make them dull.
stop being so lazy
I think teachers should only give enough to review what they did for the day and then go over it the next day, so they can move forward without them missing anything. Ex. 10 math questions or 10 diagrams in English. I think some teachers forget that they have other classes. I remember my first day of high school. I got 1 chapter each class to read (English, History, Science){Most of them long} and 100 math questions. they all wanted done that night and that is pretty much how it went the rest of the year.
teachers should only give enough homework on a certain subject to make sure that the student has understood the subject matter. i dont believe that teachers would give more than they believe necessary as it would be shooting themselves in the foot after all they have to mark it after all so it would hurt them much more that the students.
Teachers give what they feel is appropriate for the students to learn what they want to learn. You could use some more grammer homework.
Teachers should definitely demand more homework from you. You need all the practice you can get.

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