Classroom Jobs for 2nd and 3rd Graders?

Question:Hi there! Does anyone have a list of class jobs they have for their 2nd or 3rd grade class? I have a mix of 2nd and 3rd, and I didn't really like the list I had last year. I'm looking for some new suggestions. I don't have a chalkboard, I have a whiteboard, we don't do lunch count, and our attendance is done online, so that elimantes some jobs. I am in a portable this year, so I'll need kids to run into the building to get books and supplies occasionally, but I don't think it's often enough to be a job. And I don't have any plants to water. Suggestions?

Also, do you assign your jobs for the week or daily? I did weekly last year, with 2 "substitutes". I just hated it when the kids would come in and complain about their job, so towards the end of the year I eliminated jobs and just tried to get them to be cooperative and work without assigned jobs. But, it's the beginning of the year, and I think we need jobs.

Thanks in advance!

I also taught a 2/3 combo class in a portable. One thing I learned was any job that requires leaving the classroom and entering the building should be done in 2's...for safety and because students are less likely to wonder the building (yeah peer pressure!).

You did not say how many kids you have in your class...that would be the total number of jobs required (obviously).

Line leader, caboose, pencil sharpener, paper passer, paper collector, floor inspector, concierge (holds the door to the classroom & building open until last person passes through), librarian, desk fairy (inspector), lunch cart carriers (2 people), reader (student reads aloud to class last 5 or 10 minutes of the day from a chapter book), snack helper, homework folder checker, folder stuffer, messengers (2 people), nurse's assistant (escort the ill to the nurse), recess helpers (2 people, to collect students at the far end of the field when it is time to come in), board/overhead cleaner, "lights & alternate" (turns classroom lights on/off & is the sub).

I changed jobs every made life a lot easier for everyone. I had a small class each student got to have the same job about every 7 weeks or so. If you have a large class, you may want to rotate it often to keep them happy.

To prevent complaints and to not have to hear "when will I be the..?" daily, this is what I did:

Write each child's name on a craft/Popsicle stick. Attach a piece of magnetic tape to the back of each stick (Michaels craft store or teacher supply store). Put the sticks on your board in a single column. To the right of the names, post a laminated list of jobs in a single column. Place each child's name next to their jobs. The next Monday, remove the bottom name, push all the sticks down and put the bottom name up at the top of the names list. The kids can see in advance how many more Mondays until they get to have the job of their choice. For my jobs list, I actually used the same method of craft sticks because I would often have to remove or add jobs as I had a very transient were always coming or going.
Some jobs I had for my 3rd graders and will have for my 2nd grade class this year: Librarian (straightened up the library and could read on the bean bags in the library), classroom cleaners (picked up at least 10 pieces of trash off the floor at the end of the day), board monitor (erased the white board at the end of the day and changed the date for the next day), paper monitors (passed out papers), table supervisor (monitored and checked in homework for their table), turtle keeper (fed the turtle at the end of the day), line monitor (walked up and down the line making sure everyone was behaving and then was line end), student of the week (had other privileges but was also line leader), gym leader (handed out balls for recess and equipment for P.E.and led warm-up exercises), on vacation (had no job), and substitutes.

We changed jobs weekly. On Monday morning I would draw sticks and have them choose which job they would like for the week, but they had to choose a job they hadn't done yet. Once they tried all the jobs then they could start over. It worked well...not too many complaints. There were (of course) favorite jobs that everyone wanted, and jobs that weren't very popular. But they would get very excited when they got to choose a job they really wanted.
Hope this helps! Good luck!

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