Did your highschool biology teacher even teach what evolution through natural selection is?

Question:Mine didn't. He went to my church also. I can't remember learning a single relevent thing about evolution and natural selection in highschool biology. All I remember is a 5 minute disclaimer about how it's a contraversial subject. Creationism was presented as a 50/50 equal with mainstream science. And I am not from the South.

Well that sucks. My high school skipped it entirely (in NH). Fortunately, I picked up all I needed to know about science in college while going for my PhD.
Yes. We did not learn about "creationism" or anything like that. Religious topics are best left to the church.

I live in California. :)
I don't remember. Public education was a complete waste of my time - I'd have done better with a library and the same hours per day, or in on-the-job training. I am from the midwest.

I don't care what is presented in school, as far as the sciences go, because they can't teach anything but conformism correctly. Be a sheep. Pay your taxes. If we leave education to teachers, we've missed the point - creationism should be tought in a faith institution - WAY before school comes around. Let school handle the math - PI can be 3.14 instead of 3 in school, whereas in church it can be just 3.
I plan to send my 2nd child to public school to teach him how to interact with sheep, and to be able to conform, when it's good for him. He'll probably get A's or B's or whatever, but it won't matter either way - I graduated 650th in my class and got into college just fine. It was a waste of time too. I've been a software developer, Chain service store manager, and now...
Did I mention I love Jesus?
Yes, my High school biology class was very heavy on the evolutionist theory, and taught nothing of the fact of creation.
Creationism is more of a reality than one may think. If one was to take a look at non-biased reasearch, as I did, the idea that the world and universe was created is easier to believe than all of the ever changing facts that scientists would have us believe. The idea that all of us, and the surrounding world just "happened" is the same notion as throwing one thousand parts into a clothes dryer and extecting to find a swiss watch when the door is opened. The reality is that, I'm not here to preach, if you take a day off and just sit in the world that surrounds you, and take a look at how it all fits together, what else but a "supernatural being" could create something this beautiful.
I did. I had the best biology teacher in the world. I live in the bible belt, but he taught what he wanted to.

In highschool if they couldn't prove it with a test tube they didn't teach it.

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