4th Grade Teachers!?

Question:Can anyone give me good advice for 4th grade Student Teacher. I will start student teaching and I have never taught 4th graders so, any 4th grade teachers tell how they are...THANKS

Fourth graders are awesome! In the beginning of the year they' re still little kids. They want your help and want to please you. How ever by the end of the year they might have the "I'm too cool for school" attitude. So that doesn't happen, set rules. Children need rules. If they don't they are going to run the classroom and ruin your year. They are not the adult you are. YOU HAVE TO COMMUNICATE WITH PARENTS ! This is big! Talk to parents if the students did something you didn't like and also talk to he parents if the student did something you thought was great.

Personal teaching story:

I was talking to a teacher that had one of my students for another class. The teacher asked me, does he curse in your class? I was kinda surprised because this kid is quiet in my class. I told the teacher he never did and if it did ever happened the parents would know. He never did curse in my class.

If you let one student get away with something then another student will think he/she can get away with it too.

I hope this helps. If you have any other teaching questions i hope I can help with those too.
4th grade are alot more mature but also fun. You can find alot of good interesting lesson plans on line. Just try to be professional and focus more on making activities exciting and engaging. Good luck

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