Do I have to know MATH to become a teacher?

Question:I want to become an English teacher. I am excellent at English, but awful at math. Do I have to know math to become an English teacher? I'd like to become an Elemtary School English Teacher. Thanks.

you didn't say where you're from. teachers need to have some basic math skills. we need to mark all those tests, and figure out your percentages!
as for being an elementary school teacher, at most teacher education programs you take a class (methods course) in each subject, so math is included there. Many (most?) BEd programs won't except you into the degree unless you have a university level math class, and you can't get certified as a teacher most places without one. You'll have to look into the state or province you're interested in to see what your regulations are.
good luck!
I shouldn't think so as doing English at University level is part of the Humanities section which covers things like all the arts, history, archeology, anthropology, language and also law. You may consider doing a degree in which you major in English and minor in History so then you could teach both.
Well to be an elementary school teacher you need to be very well rounded. You also need to be able to spell elementary (which makes me assume you aren't very great at English either) Why don't you teach middle school or high school if your passion is English?

For elementary school, you cannot be a "single-subject" teacher. You have to be well rounded in all the subjects. Now, since it's elementary school - I have trouble believing that you won't be able to do elementary math equations.

Even if you decide to do middle or high school, you will have to take basic college math classes. These are required for ALL majors. It's unavoidable.
math is most important for elementary teachers. So yes, start studying now.

You can do this!

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