Why does the British tuition system not initiate more relavant topics??

It seems to me from my memory of conservatory (4 years ago) that i learnt more just about the insides of a frog and King Henry the eighth's wives than i did about V.A.T and the current Government. Why is this? Surely its in the region of time the education system started lessons more relevant topics??

Answers:    Yes, the curriculum should be updated. Have you written to your MP to say so ?

When I be a Lecturer in Further Education, we be always inviting local employer to tell us what skills they considered necessary from school departing employees, but they not often responded, those that did said they didn't have time, it be our job.

So teacher are in a double bind. Everyone tell us the curriculum is rubbish, but nobody prepared ro get involved next to planning it.
I agree wholeheartedly.
There are so many things on the Nat Curr. these days that youngsters could do without, and even so there are still some going away school incompetent to add up, help yourself to away, work out simple sums, read well, write legibly, use sentence structure, speak correctly,spell simple words.
Oh, grumpy old woman, shut up. I could move about on for ever.
Because the people that trade name the decisions on what our kids are going to revise are a-r-s-e-h-o-l-e-s !!! they need to capture in the indisputable world.

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