Bulletin board ideas?

Question:im a resource teacher with only one small bulletin board in a really small room for grades 3-5. and i want to include the kids somehow...like posting info about them and me?

Being that the board is small, you're really limited as to what you can use it for, good question!

There are many things you can do and I'm not too creative but here are a couple of ideas:

- You can dedicate the board to a few students each week and have them post a nice drawing or photo of their favorite animal, something that is of interest to them (within limits of course). And in this way, you can include each student come the end of the semester.

- If you were thinking more along the lines of a reward system, that could work too. If the board is big enough, you can have a chart, with all of the students' names, onto which you tack stickers when a student earns it (be it a day of behavior, or even a week).

The key here is to be creative in a way that it will be an adventure for the students , something they can respect and possibly learn from.

Maybe you could start a "My Favorite." board. Every month can be something different; animal, sport, food, etc. And you can have the kids draw or write their favorite thing.
You could also make up the first few lines to a story and have each student make up the rest.
Just a couple ideas.
This could be a board that you can change weekly but keep it the same background which is really nice as a resource teacher.
Make puzzle pieces that will cover up most of the bulletin board (the amount is at your discretion). You can start off by putting enough for all your students to have a small space. Ask them to design this puzzle piece to represent them. As they are doing yours, do your own.
Throughout the year, you can make a smaller amount of pieces and have students put work that they are proud of in the spot or put up a title of a great book they would like to recommend. This can be something that you can use a board to discuss with the class to help them communicate with others as well as be proud of themselves.
If you do not like this as a bulletin board idea. I suggest making a spot for all the students to display their items. I have used fake refrigerators made out of foil and construction paper or a laminated piece of construction paper that they can write on with dry erase marker or tape things to. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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