Do you know if English teachers are needed in Maldives?

Question:I'll be TEFL certified soon and would like to know how much opportunity there is in Maldives and Singapore for English teachers.

English teachers are needed everywhere, including Singapore and Maldives. I have a Taiwanese friend who worked in Maldives in Hotel Management, and she was "teaching" English as a side job.and no, of course it was not her primary language.
Maldives Needs English Teachers
Because 95% Maldivians study in English medium and English is a Conpulsary Subject from Primary , Secondary , Highschool or Higher Education Level.
And Maldives needs good teachers for English.
I sugget you contact Ministry of Education in Maldives and ask about Job opportunies.I will give you the Link Below,

I Am shure Singapore also will need English Teachers..
Pelase contact Singapore Education Also
I have given you the Link ...

Hope my asnwer helped u a lot
maldives is good and nice place to work

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