Appropriate attire for inclusion aide at high school?

Question:I am a (female) former secondary teacher (certified) trying to get back into teaching and have just gotten a job as an inclusion aide. What's appropriate to wear during teacher work days and when students come back? Are khakis and a button-down shirt okay for both , or should I wear dress slacks when students return?

Clean and casual is fine. Since you are trying to work your way back in, I would aim for a casual-professional look...stay away from jeans and "street clothes."

Just be sure that what you wear does not reveal parts/shapes of your body lest your male students be thinking about you rather than the linear equations on the blackboard!
Depends. Generally, most schools are very casual and people wear jeans, skirts, etc. I'd say the first outfit is fine, if you're unsure - it's always better to be dressed up rather than dressed down.
At my school, teachers are usually very casual on work days, because it's hot (no A/C!), and we're setting up our classrooms.

But when students come, we get pretty conservative (even when it's still 90 degrees out). I would say khakis are okay, if they are ironed and don't fit sloppy. Same with a button-down shirt.

If you're working as an inclusion-aide, you might have to move around a lot, get down on the kids' level and such, so be sure you're wearing clothes that have a bit of give to them. :)
Usually the aides dress comfortably, but casual since you should be working with the children. Nice jeans and shirt are good. Check with the teachers u are going to work with or the administration to see what their guidelines are.

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