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Question:what is murga punishment? would it be applied on senior girls (upto xii std.)who r painfully disturbing and disobeying? being a young lady teacher i'm facing real problem with some senior girls


That is a link that describes it. Are you in America? As a teacher I am concerned with anyone degrading students in this manner. I suggest you been strict from the start of the year and then do not allow the unwanted behavior.
I dont know where you teach, but in many countries, I am sure that it would be considered as abuse.
Murga means "Adult male chicken" in Hindi. This is a punishment in which the punished person takes the position of a "murga". This is done by squatting, and then bringing the arms between the legs and firmly holding the ears. It can be very painful after a few minutes.
If it is allowable in your school, you should make the decision with your own conscious.
Lay the law down ASAP, You have to be strict so you can get respect if they do not give you respect send them to the office. As time goes by you can ease up a little. I TA college courses for my doctorate but I'm sure high school has the same concept.
The first student who alienates you make an example out of them, and the next two students who alienate you, the student will know you are not a push over.
being a girl 17+ i'm afraid of being murga its horrible experience i got couple of times.

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