Can I substitute teach with 2 DUI's?

Question:I live in California and want to take the CBEST so that I may sub. Will these DUI's (2 misdemeaners) stop me from doing so? Please help.

Also, these DUI's were in 1999 and 2000.

They will probably let you sub, but please ride a bike to work...for the kids.
I think they do affect you,but since its been 7 years they may be off your record so maybe not.
California is very strict especially when it comes to DUIs and teaching. I'm not sure if this will prevent you from substiuting but I would talk to an advisor at the college you plan to get your license from. I think the main concern would be the high competition in California for teaching positions, even for substituting and they probably would pick someone else for the position than someone with two misdemeaners but it depends on where you live in California as well. Good luck!
I didn't think that California had rules about anything. That's "the man" getting everyone down. And I thought Californians did away with "the man." It cramps their style.
You should be fine. I had one in the 90's and they let me become a teacher.
Where I live they postponed DUI jail time for a teacher to finish out the school year. Apparently making poor decisions doesn't affect your ability to influence the minds of children.

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