Teaching job guidance please?

I am currently on my PGCE and finish this summer, ready to start my NQT year within Sept. I have see several jobs advertise for science teachers (my subject) but how do you know if a institution is any good or not? I am told that lots times when you go to interviews for culture they offer you the mission on the same hours of daylight as the interview. Unlike my previous career within industry. Thus I wont have time maybe to go to a few interviews and choose as per my previous craft. If I choose wrongly I will be locked into contract! So have to catch it right first time .

Any views, warning?

Answers:    Perhaps when you stir in for an interview, you can also ask if you could waddle around campus and see how it looks, and while you're walking around you can talk to a range of teachers and ask them how they similar to it. You could also ask how long teachers tend to stay at the college (if they leave inwardly a couple years, or if there are teacher that stay for decades, etc).
You should find out about the school in mortgage.
Also see the rate of teachers departing that school.
How long they remain contained by a job within that school.

You can other ask for time to join.
Do not enjoy to show that urgency.
Wish you best.
Ask questions during the interview.
1. What is the policy for continuing tuition?
2. How long do teachers stay?
3. What are the incentives to taking on extra-curriculars?
4. Are their tentative teacher mentoring programs surrounded by the school? If so ask to speak near the mentor you would be working with.
5. Ask some teacher what they think of the the university.

You have a right to find out as much as possible going on for your new working environment. Good luck!
Research the institution and system ahead of time. Not only will it you to receive your decision, but it is also greatly impressive to a potential boss to see that you enjoy done your homework. It's not everything, but I would make a BIG factor of my decision base on the principal. He or she sets the tone for the whole institution, and it is really amzing how that one person can affect how you grain about your undertaking. Good luck.

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