Becoming a teacher..?

Question:I want to become a teacher and I need to know some things:
What is their salary?
How many years you study for?
What do you actually study... like... whats the name:
education or childcare or what?

My advice is don't. Do something else. Sorry but I have done it for over 20 years and just believe me, don't do it. There is soooo much more you can do. I'll leave it at that.
ur salary depends on where u'd be teaching i think, so i cant really help u with that, and ur other questions would depend on what age u'd be teaching
ie, if ur teaching primary (elementary in usa) i think u do a 4 year bac degree, and if u teach secondary (middle/high) u normally do a 3 or 4 year degree for ur subject, and then a 1 year pgce (post-grad cert of education), that teaches u how to..teach
hope this helps xXx
Salary will vary according to your state. I am certified 6th grade through 12th. I attended college for 4 years including some summer school classes. The first 2 years are basic classes such as English, math, science and such. Beginning my junior year I took classes in education...methods of teaching, speech for teachers, adolescent psychology, etc. I also took classes in the discipline I was interested and history. About 15 years later, I earned my masters in Interdisciplinary Science. That took 4 summers worth of classes.
Hi Sarah:

Becoming a teacher does indeed require a minimum of a full 4-year degree as well as certification hours (that is, courses specifically in "education"). The education classes include things like, philosophy of education, history of education, developmental psychology, classroom management, educational theory & processes, as well as courses that teach you all the legal issues you 'll need to know. As a rule, it's best to get a degree in your field and minor in education, although one can get a degree IN education.

Even with the current teacher shortage, school districts are becoming more and more "picky" about whom they allow into their classrooms. Many districts today are requiring that even their experienced teachers earn Masters degrees...within some reasonable time period (our does).

Salaries are not great for teachers, but are definitely improving. Of course, healthcare costs are dramatically sky-rocketing as well, so one doesn't really see much of that annual raise. But that's true in most professions these days. Your salary will depend upon where in the country you live, and whether you're in an inner-city, suburban, or rural setting. The worse the setting, the better the money...usually.

Hope this helps!
What is their salary?

It varies depending on where you work. Most areas start at between 25k -43k.

How many years you study for?

You need a BA. You also need a credential. Some schools have a program where you can earn the two at the same time. most add on an extra year or so of classes.

What do you actually study... like... whats the name:

Elementary school teachers and secondary teachers differ, but your BA can usually be in any subject. Your credentialing classwork covers the education courses needed. Secondary teachers have a BA in their subject matter field.

Here is a link to Cal State LA's credentialing page, you can see some requirements here...
According to where you live is what your salary will be. I know in my town in NJ they start at around 45,000, and then every year get about a 3,000 raise. Plus, you don't have to pay for healthcare, and the coverage is great.

You only need a 4 year degree and to pass the praxis test in NJ. I passed the test easily and didn't study to be a teacher. It is pretty much a test that 8th graders can pass. Don't sweat it.

I would suggest looking up what the curriculum is at a college that offers education as a major. Usually all schools require the 60 credits of general study classes, with 60-75 credits in you major.

Unlike the person above me, I would suggest becoming a teacher. After your first year, you teach the same exact thing and everything is exactly the same except the students. But teaching the same thing makes things a lot easier. Plus you get the entire summer off, which is a big +!
sarah forget about the salary just be focused and you will make it being a is interesting try it and see because am one of them.
These are the Classes you would have to take and they will be different at the College near you.

Introduction to Child Development
Early child Development
Communication in the Preschool
The Preschool Child
Health and safety for the Children
First Aid and CPR (a must)
Home-Child-Community Relations
Infant and Toddler caregiver:Relationships
Infant and Toddler Caregiver: Socialzation and Emotional Development
And then You would have to get your General Education Classes and then you would have to get more classes that you would want to take to go on to a 4 year College.
My Degree is in 4 areas and I have a 2 year Degree.
To start off as a Teachers aid you will need 3 to 6 units and to be a Qualified Teacher you would need 12 units or more.
I have been a Qualified Teacher for 20 years.
The Pay for the teachers vary on where you live and also how many Units you have and also Experience.
I studied for 5 years at a JC and I was taking classes and working Full time. I have worked in Childcare and I have worked with babies to school age children.

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