Can their be male teachers in an all girl scohool?

Question:Can a man work as a teacher in a school with only female students and no male students?

Yes,of course.
And vice versa - I am a young female teacher in an all boys school.
Yes...there is a lot of schools that have male teachers or principles in an all female schools...haven't you watch Cinemax afterdark??

No, really they can have male teachers teaching an all girl school...:-)
yes. i go to one and we have four guy teachers.
I used to run this educational program for high school students who were aspiring nurses (or who wanted to consider nursing as a career) - 99.5% young women, and half the staff were dudes, and most of them were decent looking young guys. As long as you act professionally and are keenly aware of not putting yourself in situations where you could open yourself up to liability (or the perception of impropriety), then go for it.
Yes, althouhgt i disagree wit hthe choice.
Yes they can.

And I think its great for girls to have positive male role models as well as I support female teachers for boys schools. Not all men are perverts as recent teacher/student cases want us to believe (in fact those were all female teacher/make student cases). Many male teachers are fathers, grandfathers and want to help their students achieve their best and are excited about the subject they teach.

I benefitted by having both male and female teachers.
Yes, But what difference you don't know how to use the words "their, there, they're". It's: "Can THERE be male......."
I don't know but I worked at an all male school.

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