A teacher's personality?

Question:Is it necessary to have a teachers personality to teach? Or can one be a good teacher without that personality?

If by a teacher's personality you mean the person has to have a desire to teach, then yes. I think it's necessary. It's not necessary to become hired (unfortunately), but it's necessary to do the job correctly. Other than that, I think there are lots of different personalities that do equally well in the profession (and lots of different personalities that DON'T do well).
What exactly do you mean by "teacher's personality"? Every teacher is a person with her/his own personality which comes through when teaching.

All you really need to be able to teach is a passion for teaching, a knowledge of your subject, and enough strength within to carry you through the hard parts.

You must always be yourself while teaching. No one can live pretending to be someone else everyday. When you become a teacher you will see a whole other side to teaching.
Teacher personality is a relative thing, I think. To be a good teacher, you must have a thorough knowledge of the subject you teach, thick skin so that you don't take what kids say personally, the acceptance that you'll never be rich, and a lot of red pens!

Most of all.if you have a love of kids and the ability to drive a point home in a fair and honest way.you will be a teacher.
In response to your question, I would say that a "teacher's personality" is not necessary to teach, but is more advantageous if it enables one to communicate to students effectively. As I see it, a teacher's personality should be one that openly advocates and explains all the facts so that the individuals who seek to learn can maximize the benefits of their learning experience. A teacher's personality may come easier to some over others; that is the main warrant as to why it's not necessary, but will be helpful to students if achieved. On the other hand, having a negative personality(note: personality in general context) will almost certainly cause students to dislike the teacher and the subject. I would advise heavily against this, as the role of teachers should be that of an insightful and empowering guide. Teaching, after all, is also a learning process; one that is equally rewarding for both mentor and student.

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