I want to be a High School Spanish professor. What should I key within?

I was thinking majoring contained by Spanish, but I don't know what kind of other citations I need to become a educationalist. Help? I am in college and I want to declare.

Answers:    This depends on your college and your state. Most colleges own a certification program for illustrious school Spanish, but some don't (if yours doesn't, you may want to consider transfering to one that does). At some university, you major surrounded by secondary ed beside a specialization in Spanish. At others, you most important in Spanish and clutch certain other courses to gain your teaching documents. In a few states, you would major contained by Spanish as an undergrad and then do a Master's surrounded by Ed.

If you can't look through the program of studies and figure out which bearing it is at your university, you need to be in motion talk to your advisor soon.

However, if you inevitability to make sure you are planned correctly for spring, you can't go wrong near taking several Spanish courses. You'll need them for any possible major that you might do. I do recommend that you find out the required courses soon though - at my university, ed majors have to start doing pre-student teach (school observations) their sophomore year, and they would carry behind if they weren't planned for that then.
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