Additional education to teach middle and/or high school?

Question:If I have a BA in Liberal Studies (concentration :Social Science), then what would I need to take in graduate school in order to be able to teach middle and/or high school?

I would prefer to teach older kids, but I know that Liberal Studies basically preps you to just teach elementary kids (along with the teaching cert of course).

Find a post-baccalaureate program or an alternative teacher education program or a graduate Master of Arts in Teaching program.

Generally, you will need at least 24 hours in a teaching field of which 12 are upper division. Some states have Composite Social Studies (36 - 48 hours) which will allow you to teach History, Government, Economics, and Geography in Middle and High Schools.

You will also need some Education classes with at least a class in Adolescent Learning Theory / Developmental Psychology and a Methods Class (how to teach). Finally you will need an experiential class which will either be Student Teaching or an Internship in which you teach under the supervision of a Master Teacher and Supervisor.

Check with the state board of education in your state. Usually a list of universities and alternative certification programs are listed on their site. Then you can check programs in your area which interest you.

In Texas, many universities are offering online certification programs which allow you to take classes from a distance. Inquire about similar programs in your state.

Best of luck to you! Good teachers are needed everywhere in the US and around the world!!
In most states, you need undergraduate courses in education.
The basic education block will get you certification to teach high school; additional courses will be needed for middle school certification. Elementary education is a separate degree path. Most elementary teachers major in education and many universities do not have an elementary education program.

If you prefer to teach high school social studies and you have to required number of credits in the subject areas, take the education courses (it will take about two or three semester, including student teaching). Once you complete the program, apply for a teaching license/certification from the state education department where ever you want to teach.

Several states allow for teaching in pursuit of certification, so you should check with the department of education and see if you can apply for a conditional license.

I taught social studies at both levels and I loved it. But beware, most of the teachers have the same first name: Coach.
First you'll have to take the praxis test to see if you'll pass the social studies test. Then, get your master's of arts in teaching.
Most states will not grant teacher certification to anyone who has not graduated from a college or university without a Bachelor's Degree in Education, which means a person must take specific classes designed for the "educator", and complete an "internship" program which involves "practice teaching" in their chosen field: Elementary, Middle School, or High School. Usually, this requires at least one semester of "interning" in a school chosen by your college/university. Sometimes, the "internship" requires two to three semesters of interning. Students are not paid for this work, although they often do the regular classroom work of the teacher they are interning under.

Elementary, Middle School, and High School certification does not qualify a person to teach Early Childhood Education. Special courses are required for that certification. Some people who have degrees in Science and Math, who have not gone through "teacher training" may receive teaching credentials by a state simply because these are two disciplines of study that states have difficulty in filling with qualified Education graduates.

Those who are considering a teaching career, need to stay in constant touch with their counselor, making sure they are taking the courses required to teach the course/grade level they are interested in.

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