Could infrastructure industrialism save America?

Question:I believe that if America revives its industrial industry with the primary purpose of repairing America's crumbling industry:

#1 We could create a new vocational Educational movement in America's public schools - training and education towards architecture

#2 We could create millions of Jobs...Americas Bridges, tunnels, Roads,etc are in BAD SHAPE according to proffesional review.

#3 America could see an unprecidented rise in industry, union power and probably repair the urban/rural job market and community spirit that has been steadily due lost to outsourcing under the Bush economy.

Right now 2/3's of America's economy is generated by CONSUMPTION - America is not providing the amount of services it used to. Pretty soon, the only jobs in America that will be safe are civil service, automotive and engineering since America's population is expected to grow by 100 million by 2060.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to revive our industry? Sort of Like WW2.

This would be a good way to revive Americas economy and keep a lot of construction people in work.

I was looking at newspaper photos of the Minneapolis bridge failure and noticed a lot of rust covered with paint. To me that is like hiding a hole in a wall with toothpaste.
Sounds like a plan, except for the fact that we (you and I, via Wal-Mart and the like) give all the jobs to the Chinese in exchange for cheap trinkets, therefore we really don't have the money. Were those manufacturing jobs brought back here, I'd say go on your plan.

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