Any good studying tips? and what helps you the most to study and not forget it?

I tape my notes and listen to them all the time, while I'm doing other stuff. Just keep repeating the tapes and you can't help but get it.

For teaching, I like to make songs to memorize the material. For example, to the tune of "Happy Birthday" -- "Seven times eight is fifty-six."
writing things down always helped me. writing, re-writing, and studying.
I really love to study with a might be hard to concentrate at times, but making jokes out of certain things to be remembered having you laughing during a test - and helps keep your nerves shouldn't be by a computer,tv,or music while studying - your brain is hearing more than just the info its suppose to be getting.good luck!!
Don't cram (study all the day before). Spread out your studying. Make notes of the material. Get a study partner that doesn't goof around all the time. Get a good night sleep before the test!! Your brain needs to process all that new information and a good night sleep will help a lot.
The thing that helps me most is to make flash cards. They have these now at Walmart already made up...key ring and everything. Also, word association helps. And if I have to go the store and think I will forget something...I make up some stupid picture in my mind to include all the items I want to! Oh, one more if you have lots of pages to read in one night and have to remember for the next day. Study titles, bold letters and italics 1st... and always take notes.helps you stay awake plus kinda gets in your brain. Teachers usually quiz on the stuff they say...more than the whole book. If they say, "remember this"...then underline it and star it. Get a study buddy.start with quizzing flash cards. Always do the study questions in the back of the chapter. Always ask for extra credit info. Hope this helps.
Get index cards and on one side you make a qusetion out of the bold letters in the section that you are reading and on the other side you find the most important information and then write it down in your own words and then you make flash cards out of the chapter that you have to study. I have done that and it worked well for me. I hope this will help. What also helped me is that I rewrote my notes about 3 times and that helped also.
A study tip that works for one person, may not work for another, so what you need to do is to find out how you best learn. Oh yes, a study tip that works for one instance may not work for another. But here are a few tips:

If you remember things through pictures, then use that technique. I.e. when learning vocabulary for a subject, draw a picture to help you remember the word -- if you need to understand what the word "veto" means, when the president will not sign a bill into law, maybe you'll remember by drawing a picture of Pres. Lincoln, very memorable with his beard and tall hat, sitting at a desk shouting "NO" out the window which is looking out at a domed building, making you think of the Congress.

You can think of a nmeumonic -- a popular one to help music students remember the notes of a staff (E-G-B-D-F) is "every good boy does fine." For the order of the planets: Murcury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto = My Very Earnest Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. My favorite for spelling: I before E except after C unless sounded like A as in neighbor or weigh. Some of these are well known, but the best ones are created by students and you might recall a homework assignment or two where your teacher asked you to come up with something like this.

Songs or raps, especially ones you've made up. When I was 13 I learned a song in which all the states were sung in alphabetical order. A couple years ago in a teacher training, the teachers were asked to list as many of the states as they could think of and were given 5 minutes -- I completed it in less than 1 minutes because I sang that song in my head (and because of a job I had many years ago, know all the 2-letter abbreviations of all the states). OK, I didn't win any money, but the person leading the training was happy that she had an example of using a nmuemonic, which was the point of the exercise. I've created nmuemonics I've taught to my students who'd get up and dance to my mini-rap.

Make up a story, especially if you are to "memorize" a process or a list. For example, if you have to know all the presidents in order, start your story something like this: "I walked into a house and the first person I saw was George Washington flossing his teeth in the guest bath just off the entry way. I think I embarrassed him as he slammed the bathroom door in my face. I peeked into the next room, which was the living room and there was John Adams talking and talking, apparently not noticing there wasn't anyone in the room to listen to him." You continue the story by going into various rooms of the house encountering each successive president. In this particular instance, I use a characteristic associated with each president so if you cannot remember the president at first, if you remember the characteristic (Washington's wooden teeth) you'll link it to the president. This study tip is most helpful for the more creative student.

What helps you the most to study and not forget it? After studying something, see if you can teach it to a friend, parent, sibling, even your teacher. If you can teach it to someone else, then you have learned it!
Writing down facts about the topic helps. Also, if you start studying two weeks in advance it helps, because then you'll get good grades.
Saying whatever your studying out loud three times was my trick it always worked for me.

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