Can my instructor require me to do community service?

Question:In my government class, to get an A we have to do 6 hours of community service and attend a community meeting every quarter. Can my instructor do this? Would the "rules" be different from high school to college?


The answer is yes.

This has already been tested in court. Precedent is on the side of the schools, the original case.. maryland.. state was sued for violation of rights, involuntary servitude.. went all the way up, supreme refused to hear it. mandated community service is now allowed.

You can choose to not get an A - up to you.

have fun!
yeah he can do it .. in college there are classes like that too
Yes they can especially if its from a higher education instructor.
Of course they can. Falls under the same theory that they can give you homework. They cant require things that will cost you money. Community service a community meeting etc. There is nothing wrong with that.

I had classes in high school and college that required that. Only 6 hours and 4 meetings over the year. Wow you teacher is easy on you.

We all had to do it, well most of us did. Depends on what type of class you are in. Plus you are not required to do it, you are just required to do it if you want an A. Your not required to study either, but its a good idea if you want an A as well.

Good Luck. You might enjoy the community meetings, they can get really interesting.
Yes. Community service is a big issue in schools now. It is a required course in many cases. Its the school system's attempt to connect students to the community. Its a good thing. Find an area of passion and go forward and serve the members of your community with pride.
This sounds like slavery to me.
My son has had to do ten hours of community service every year. He is a senior this year. This can be done by joining a club to help a day care center buy materials or give gifts to cancer patients at Christmas. My son is in a band so they play in a show at the local church that has a homeless shelter -- they do this twice a year and all the money goes to the shelter. It's a good thing and it doesn't have to take a huge amount of your time. Go to your town's community center and volunteer to mow, or pull weeds for an elderly person or shovel snow a few times. There are lots of ways to fulfill this obligation - and it makes you feel good to help others.

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