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Question:I want to be a elementary teacher..but i'm not quite where to start..i'm attending community college right now but don't really know my steps..any advice??

Hey, thought I'll try to be some help. Here is maybe what you should look into:

1) Finish at the community college and then look into transfering to a 4 yr. college to finish your education. (Make sure that the college will accept your credits from community college and that they have an education program you feel comfortable with.)

2) Transfer in and finish with their program. (You may want to consider going for your master while your there. If not you can wait until you get a job.)

3) When you student-teach, try to knock the socks off your cooperating teacher and supervisor teacher. You never know when you might need them in the future.

4) During your time in college, try to do as much of your state teaching test as possible. (Better to knock them out early.)

5) Once you graduate, try to have your test done and the get ol' resume ready.

Good Luck. I hope this helps somewhat.
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Go to your counselor and ask for advice. He/she will be able to guide you right through your college career and will be able to tell you exactly what you need and how to get it. They will also be able to tell you what your state requires for you to receive a teaching license.

Good luck

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