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Question:Im thinking of becoming a nursey nurse (appilying to college for the corse) and im just wondering is this a good career to do for my life? I love kids and id think they job woudnt get boring because youd be running about alot. How long are the hours and if there are any nursery nures out there, any advice? Oh also can you ever advance to teaching the nursery class or do you have to be a primary teacher to do that (its what my mum said the new law is) ? Thanks!

Its poor money, and usually long hours, so people who do this work, do it for the love of the job. Having said that, it is a really satisfying and rewarding job. You don't get time to get bored, although there is generally too much admin and paperwork these days, which kind of spoils things (its why I left as a manager...having loads more fun now I lead a room and work with the children!).
You can undertake further training when you know what direction you want to take, there are so many options if you enjoy it.
Have a look at this website, it should give you some guidance

Good luck for the future
In Ca you can become a teacher by having a BA in early childhood studies (if your smart you won't ever stop your learning anyway) and taking the CSBT-(not sure if thats the initials-anyway the teaching test). Look up teaching credentials online for your state-they'll lay it all out on the sight. Some states don't even require the BA-just testing and worktime.There are levels of certification too--
i work in childcare i work very long hours for very little money so the answer to your question is no

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