Anybody else struggling with the new Literacy/Numeracy Strategy?

Question:Hi - I am an NQT starting in September with a year 2 class. I have been looking at the new Framework and really struggling with how to organise it.
In the literacy do you teacher unit one from narrative, non-fiction and poetry in the Autumn term and unit 2 in Spring? Sorry if that is a silly question but i am so confused! I would be grateful of any plans or tips anyone would be wiling to share!
Thanks Sarah

As far as numeracy is concerned this is blocked into the different strands (using and applying etc) and parts of each unit have to be taught in order. To help with pacing these thoughout the year go to the Devon site for education - you can find them at this link:

These are mixed age plans but you can use them for a single year group. The parallel age groups may help you with differentiation.

As far as Literacy is concerned you need to do the units 1 from each strand (nfiction, narrative and poetry) before you go on to unit 2 but you can do the genres in any order eg nf1 for 2 weeks then p1 for a week then nf2 - if that makes sense!

The Devon site also has help for Literacy too (again mixed age) on:

You may also find the Cumbria Grid for Learning website or Lancashire Grid for Learning helpful.

Lots of information but I hope it helps!
Go to

It should help you out.

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