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Question:You are a second-grade teacher at Brooklyn
Elementary School. You are teaching language arts and social studies. Your classroom of 21 students consists of 7 white students, 5 Latino students, 4 African American students, 3 Native American students, and 2 Asian students. Four of your students are identified as special needs, with one in a wheelchair. A few of your students come from the poorest neighborhood in Brooklyn. outline the steps required for a multicultural education to be effective. Describe types of activities you would incorporate into your classroom that would support a multicultural education for all groups in this class. How could each group make a contribution to the learning of others?

ok,so each culture has its own speciality .take up one culture for a week .get the students to research on each culture and discuss it with them for a week.u r at an advantage here as u have students speaking different languages.maybe u can get them to learn every language on a monthly basis.
apply the same methods that u do for teaching any kid english.
pictures of the style of dressing or videos of the way people speak or something like that which attracts the students to know about the culture in an easy way.
ask them to narrate things about their country
but always conclude with no matter where people come from their mentality is the same.
i c that there r some special needs in your class.make sure that they take part in everything .don't differentiate them or separate them from the others.but make sure u put some extra effort on them
I think you would have to take the time to teach about the differences among the group -- totally avoid the old "we're all the same" or "color is blind" cliche's. Teach about their holidays, special strengths (eveyone has them, regardless of age, race, gender, and physicall ability). Focus on each student and what they're made of. This will help them all appreciate one another, and to be more sensitive to the differences that exist between cultures.
Have each ethnic group do a presentation on some aspect of their culture -- this could be done all year with different topics offered. Otherwise -- do teach diversity, also ways we are alike. Differentiating instruction helps with all students not just special needs students. Good Luck --- you can find activities on the web.

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