Any ESL game ideas?

Question:Does anyone have any good ESL games for children?

hi melisa..
try this site... its quite good..
This is the mother of all sites
Picture Bingo
My favourite game when teaching in Taiwan was 'Bang'. What I did was I made a box and wrote Bang on it. Then I wrote on pieces of paper the key words that the class was currently learning; in with those words I put the word Bang on about six other pieces of paper, depending on how many students and words that are being used. I repeated the words, so all the students got to practise them. The object of the game was to pass the box around the class so that each person would pick out a piece of paper, if they could read and pronounce it correctly they kept the paper. . If they could not read it, then they passed it to the next student until someone could pronounce it, then that person would keep it. The one with the most pieces of paper won. If they picked out a piece of paper that read Bang then they had to put all of their pieces of paper back into the box. I found they got really excited over this game and would try really hard to learn the words. Sometimes I would tell them that if they were good we will play the game during the next lesson, that gave the students more of an incentive to learn their words for the next class.
While I'll agree that Dave's ESL cafe is an awesome resource for teachers and students, has an index of lesson plans and so many nooks and crannies that you'd better have time to wander when you visit there. Dave offers other resources, and searching for ESL games for children should give you many other links.
Now, if you want specifics and don't have much Internet access, any games that require talking and / or following directions work just fine. And don't forget songs. It's easier to sing the correct pronunciation than to say it.
I've used card games like "Fish"...Do you have a..., Sorry, I don't. You'll have to go fish.
There's "Mother (or another permission giver - teacher, (police) officer, dad, etc.), may I" where the leader gives orders quickly and the group has to listen to some preliminary statement for a cue as to whether to move or not. There are variations, of course.
Telephone or Gossip is fun - you can start with whispering one word (a noun the children should know), or a short sentence, and have everyone laughing in a couple of minutes.
Children like to sort themselves by height or birthdays or number of brothers and sisters, etc.
Songs that have motions to go with them like "head, shoulders, knees and toes" or hand signals for different parts of the song.
Chains of words games like "I'm going on a trip and I'm going to take an apple." Next person, "I'm going on a trip and I'm going to take an apple and a box." That can also be varied if the children have a bigger vocabulary or you're working on building one by creating a category for the beginning. "When Isaac grows up, he wants to be an artist and a artist and a boxer and a cook."
Board games, pencil and paper games like hangman, and pictures with differences are fun. Giving and following directions in any field - driving/walking, math problems, steps in a recipe or a science experiment, and making up new games are fun, too.
Nursery school, kindergarten, and elementary teachers are always developing language. Ask them the children's favorite games and modify them for ESL. If your "children" are older, be careful to adapt the content to their interests, but the game itself doesn't have to change much.

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