Can you teach social studies with a social science degree?

Question:I know I would also need a teaching cert.

What else might I be able to teach? I'm looking at getting a social science degree with a concentration in psychology. I just want to make sure that the possibility of teaching is there if I decide to pursue it. I would hate to get the degree and find out that I can't teach with it.

I have this degree but have found teaching jobs to be few and far between - and largely tied to football, wrestling and basketball coaching for some reason (I'm female ;P).

To teach, you must have a license, which in many states require that you have a degree and pass a social studies exam (either Praxis or a state-designed one).

Depending on the state, you may either be licensed to teach any SS area (government, psych, geography, etc) and others may be limited to the top 3 credit areas you took in college (for example, I have govt/US history/socio in Indiana but Florida I have all areas).

Lastly, you can also take at least 18 graduate credits to qualify you to teach community college courses in social studies (which may be easier to find a job compared to secondary positions).

P.S. You might also want to consider becoming certified in additional areas - drivers' ed, gifted/talented/special ed to boost your original area. This usually takes additional semester to add/do simultaneously.
Because it varies from state to state, you will need to check with a college/university that offers an education degree in your state or your state's Department of Education.

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