Can our public school gym teachers make us bring tennis shoes to school everyday,?

Question:We have a new gym coach(the old health teacher) and shes making us wear tennis shoes.The other coaches didnt.And she said if we dont then we will get written up.We are public.If we wanted to be told what to wear we would have signed up for private school!

In most schools (yes, even public schools) coaches can require you to dress out for PE. That could include wearing a particular type of shoe. Dressing out can be a part of your grade.

Sometimes the reason coaches want you to have tennis shoes is to keep the surface of the gym floor nice. If hundreds of people walk across the floor and leave scuff marks everyday, that makes a lot of extra work for the janitors to do, and it could have been prevented by just wearing appropriate footwear. Another reason you should wear tennis shoes is that they are designed to support your foot when you are being active. Wearing other shoes could even make you more likely to be injured.

My advice: just do what the coach says. It will be easier to just change shoes each day for that class than to make a huge deal about it.
Sounds like they are acting like a dick. But then again maybe you'd rather your good school shoes not get trashed wearing them in gym too?
I don't know but my gym teacher doesn't emphasize on shoes
Do you have a religious exemption? If so, then get your parents to go before the school board. If not, then start wearing those tennis shoes every day to PE class or get written up. If you do not pass PE in VA, then you receive no high school diploma.
Tell your parents to ask the principal to see the policy that states you HAVE to wear tennis shoes. If it's not in writing, it's a lie.
Just a few things come to mind, here:

1. What other type of shoes would you plan on wearing to gym class other than tennis shoes?

2. When you register for (yes, even a public) school, you are commiting to follow the rules of the school. They make you follow the attendance policy and take tests too, don't they? They tell you when to eat lunch and what time to come to class.Keep in mind that some public school students wear uniforms, so you really don't it that bad.

3. There is nothing worse than a sorry teacher. In my highschool years, we had classes where the teacher didn't make us do anything. We goofed off and played cards or listed to music(at that time walkmans). We got points just for coming. At the time it was fun, but when I look back on all the missed learning that could have gone forth, I regret it. The other coach that didn't make the students dress out was not looking out for the best of the students or for his reputation as a coach. Students respect teachers that follow rules. They may not be your favorite teacher, but you will remember them and have a greater respect for them.
Now the new coach is having to reap the benefit of the old coach's leniency on not following the rules and making the students dress out/bring tennis shoes. Try not to give her a hard time.

4. I don't mean any offense at you personally, please understand, but the young people today really do not have a respect for those in authority. Unless someone is cursing at your or hitting your or otherwise majorly disrespecting you as a human being, young people need to learn to listen to their teachers, parents, counselors, employers, etc. High school is just the beginning. There are a TON of rules that you must follow in college, and not to mention what your employer asks you to do on the job.
yes he can.

Put an extra pair in your PE locker.
No he can't! State law only allows public school gym teachers to make you wear special shoes no more than two days a week. He is taking advantage of you for his own personal gain!

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