Called my friend for a project. Her phone line was busy. Emailed her. What excuse do I give teacher??

Question:In my journalism class we had to interview a partner about them. My partner and I exchanged phone numbers when the bell rang but when I called her phone line was busy. Teacher is very strict. What excuse do I give teacher? Please help it is urgent.

Hmmm. sounds like you should be honest.
I usually go with the classic, the dog ate my homework. Since you can't call her, say that the phone network is down. That you can't get a signal. Tell your teacher that you called, not knowing that your classmate lives in the mountain.
uhmm. did an answering machine answer the phone. if so. you have been billed. so you could go to the phone company and get the proof that you DID call your study partner. If not .. then your Teacher will probably not believe you. So. Tell your parents what happened and let them think up a lie that is more believable than the truth. maybe you don't live with your parents. So then go to a higher authority first and tell the truth.
Good Luck
interview a different person,a friend a parent.. etc. then tell the teacher what happend. the point of the assignment is for interviewing skills at least u will have interviewed some1.
i gues u got more than one friend, call some one up and get ur project done. so wen u go to skool than just tell em. ur partner line was busy so u had a substitute. hopefully that'll keep u safe.
Call your partner again. If you can't get through to your partner, interview one of your family members, and explain to your teacher that you tried to call your partner several times but the line was busy, so you interviewed a family member.
i'd go with telling the truth, because it's not your fault if your partner's phone line was busy
Your question isn't really about the assignment that the teacher gave you but rather about finding out whether it is acceptable to be disrespectful to your teacher and your classmates. Well, is it?

Let me show you how this works in your world. Do you like it when you are waiting to go to the mall and you mom makes you wait for an hour while she talks on the phone or watches a TV show? Why not? What if she promised to take you there at 4pm and she doesn't get ready to leave the house until 5:30? Are you annoyed? Are you angry? Why? (It wouldn't be very respectful would it? So, I hope your mom isn't doing that to you.)

But let's take it one step further, suppose you told your best friend that you would be there by 4:30 at the latest and you show up at 6:00. Then just as you pull up to the curb, you see your friend getting into her mom's car. She has been waiting the whole time for you. How does she feel? And, how about you...have you been respectful of your friend?

This assignment (and all the assignments you get like this) are the same thing. Your teacher is asking you to do this so you will get to know a classmate a little better and to learn to write better.

So, you had to interview a partner and tell about them. After you and your partner exchanged phone numbers when did you try calling her/him? If you waited until it was late, it would be hard for you to try calling again.

If you are really trying to find a solution to your problem and you REALLY CAN'T get a hold of your partner. Here's what I would do. Do an alternate assignment for the teacher. Go interview a member of your family, a brother or sister or a parent or sit down and write about yourself. What do you like to do? What is your favorite color? Your favorite food? Do you have any pets? What is your favorite music? Singer? Dancer? Do you like to paint? Play music? What is something no one knows about you?

Now, email the partner (again) and tell her to write something about herself and bring tomorrow. Tell her that you are writing up something about yourself for her. BUT if she doesn't have anything for you to talk about, you'll turn in your information on YOU.

Don't waste your teacher's time with excuses. I tell my students that I don't want to hear their excuses (because the truth is if you are feeling responsible and respectful you will find a way to do what is being asked of you.) In the example of you and your friend at the mall, do you think your friend was any less mad because your mom was watching TV or because she was on the phone or fell asleep? No! Late is late! It takes too much of your time and energy (and your teacher's too) for you to waste her time with excuses.

Do not give your teacher an excuse. We've heard them all before - and we really aren't impressed. Yes, sometimes something comes up and you really can't complete the work, but you need to make an honest effort.

What will impress your teacher is, if after really trying you still can't get hold of your partner: interviewing someone else, explaining what happened, and then offering to make up the work you've missed.

(chances are the teacher will be satisfied with what you've done, but a little extra appearance of effort and contrition never hurt)
No excuse, you procrastinated, this is the result of that choice.
Own up, and ask for an extension.
Prepare better in the future to avoid this kind of situation.

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