Degree in English or Social Science?

Question:Although I'm not sure yet if I will teach, I would like to have the option down the road, so I'm thinking about one of these two majors.

Do you think there is more of a demand for English teachers or for social science? I'm slightly more interested in social science, but I have a feeling that Englsih would be more in demand.

Also, other than using the degree for teaching, what's your opinion of either one of these degrees?

I am a social studies teacher and have found that these jobs are few and far between. English is definitely more in demand because standardized tests focus heavily on reading and writing and is a required course every year of school (SS is only a few credits in some states/schools). Even other content area teachers must teach some sort of reading and writing now.

Consider becoming certified in both or adding special education to one of them as these positions are also in very high demand. More and more schools have special students every year.

Outside of teaching, english will allow you to work for newspapers, publishing, editing, etc. SS usually leads to additional degrees involved with research but can work for government-related jobs also.

It will be cheaper to major in education (regardless of content area) now if you trully plan to teach; otherwise you will have to pay extra to complete a transition to teaching program after you complete your bachelors. But you will still have the same options with an education major.
To my understanding neither of these subjects are in urgent demand at the moment, but it all depends upon your state. Science and Mathematics are 'where it's at', if you want to beckoned to work. However of the two fields I would think that social sciences are of a higher demand than English. English degrees are not a huge commodity, particularly in the world of teaching, because they are possessed by such a high number of graduates.

I have my endorsements in English Language Arts and Mathematics. If I had only had an English endorsement I would barely be scraping by with substitute teaching, but with my Math endorsement, I had a job offer two years in advance.
I agree that neither are in high demand. If you want to do social science (psych, sociology, etc.) When you take the praxis test, or whatever the teacher test in your state is, I would take the social studies test, b/c with social studies you can teach US History, World History, Psychology, Sociology, Geography, Government, Anthropology and Economics. If you just take social science you can only teach Psychology, Anthropology or Sociology. If you have the choice to major in Social Studies at your school I would do that! If you don't have the option, major in Social Science then take the Social Studies praxis! Choose what you love! Don't pick one just b/c it'll be in demand, b/c if you do that then you should choose science or math. If you choose social studies or English, just be aware that you might have to move to a different area or state when you are first starting out OR substitute teach for a while until an opening in a school is available. Good Luck!!

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